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Rooms on the Run
  • Rooms on the Run is a uniques and sustainable staff development and program engagement opportunity that provides important research based information about early childhood practice in authentic learning environments.
  • With multiple professional development opportunities to choose from, Rooms on the Run also provides hands-on, "room crasher" style treasure hunting to create an engaging environment like no other.
  • A Room on the Run experience provides your program with nearly unlimited technical support from afar, for free.  Amy is always just a phone call, text or email away from helping you continue your work with children's learning in authentic and engaging environments.
  • Plenty of surprises, inspiration and enjoyment as you travel through this experience.
A new exciting and engaging multi-day experience working to create meaningful spaces for young children and adults, brought to you by Amy E. Weaver
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If you want to catch what I'm doing, keep up with me on Facebook at Early Childhood Innovations and Discovery
or on Twitter at ececonsulting8

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