Amy E. Weaver-Educational Consulting
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Seminars, Trainings and Speech Topics
  • Developing Infant and Toddler Self-Confidence
  • Long-Term Learning - Projects in the Classroom
  • *Environments That Really Work
  • Creating A Literacy Rich Classroom
  • *Working With Families
  • *Creating the Team
  • The Life of a  Preschool Child- Debunking Preschool Practice Myths
  • Math is Everywhere and Uses Everything
  • Science is for Girls Too
  • *​Observation, Assessment and Planning: Maximizing Educational Opportunities
  • *Observation Really Is Easier with a Play- Based Curriculum 
  • Character Development:Planting the Seeds from Birth 0-3 Session
  • *Character Development: Planting the Seeds from Birth Preschool Session
  • *Cooking In The Classroom: Learning Accross All Content Areas
  • Brain Development: How the Latest Research Impacts Early Care Settings
  • *Using The PAS Scale To Be An Effective Administrator
  • *Using the BAS Scale to Improve Your Family Child Care Business Practices
  • What They Think You Do: Teacher's Messages to Administrators
  • *Classroom Stories That Teach
  • *Victimology of the Bully
  • Bridging the Gap Between Expectation and Practice
  • Creating a Creative Thinker
  • Pajamas and Popcorn- The Importance of Each Person in the Educational Community
  • *Curriculum In Action- Preschool
  • *Curriculum In Action- Infant and Toddler
  * denotes Maryland State Department of Education         approved training​