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Amy E. Weaver

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About Amy E. Weaver - Educational Consulting
Amy has now taken her entertaining and humor-filled experiences on the road.  By engaging her audience she makes connections with the participants and shares her common sense approach that is rooted in both theory and everyday practices.  She advocates authentic environments and developmental approaches that shy away from trendy materials and expensive equipment.

Her trainings help teachers and adminstrators remember the value of playing with simple materials and helping programs save money and honor the brilliance of each child.

Amy E. Weaver is a childcare professional who specializes in training programs for caregivers, teachers, managerment and childcare program developers.

She is a nationally certified trainer for WestEd's Program for Infant and Toddler Caregivers and the Program Administration Scale.  She also has extensive experience in many curriculum and assessment systems,

Amy has more than 25 years of experience working in, running and owning childcare centers in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area.  She is a tireless advocate for young children and has consistently spoken out about the need for proper environments for young children

She has taught dozens of early childhood education courses at the community college level, and has conducted training classes and speeches in 33 states and the District  of Columbia.  

She has worked with children ages birth through 14 years, and designed and led discussion groups to help parents and caregivers understand specific aspects of childhood development.  

Her writings on curricula, programs and environments for infants and toddlers appear in textbooks internationally.
Committed to helping teachers create great places for children to learn.
To teach young children, we must take it upon ourselves to educate each child from a strengths based approach that provides a platform for children to be willing to take risks, problem solve and explore creative outlets as a means of building a foundation for life long learning.